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Golden Gate Bridge

Knowledge Strategies for Personalized Medicine


Sponsoring research initiatives at the nexus of law, technology and healthcare
Building associated business applications in biotechnology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and electronic commerce
Engaging corporate and academic constituencies on emerging issues

Areas of Concentration


  • Personalization across marketing and social media channels

  • Intelligent software for genomics-based precision diagnoses

  • Privacy, surveillance and nondiscrimination issues in population genetics

  • Remote monitoring through wearable and implanted devices

  • Biometric sensors in secure distributed multi-layer networks

  • Common data vocabularies for devices accessible through the Internet of Things

  • Healthcare data security models and protocols

Current Projects


  • Secure video consultation policy, incorporation in electronic health record systems

  • Patient-to-patient social media collaboration

  • Risk assessment of genetic variants

  • Analysis of Very Large Record Sets (VLRS) comprised of unstructured data

  • Customized personal health analytics

  • Data structures to accommodate molecular-scale computation

  • Social and cultural issues at the frontiers of life sciences and computer sciences

  • Master Data Management and governance throughout the information lifecycle

Requests & Inquiries

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